Understanding birth injuries

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There are several complications that can occur when giving birth. Sometimes, during the birth process, the baby can suffer a severe injury. In many cases, this is called a birth trauma or injury. It is important to know what can cause birth trauma and what kind of injuries exist that can place that baby’s health and life at risk.


Injuries that happen in childbirth vary in great degree, and mostly have to do with the conditions of birth and on the baby. The most common causes are that the baby is sometimes way too large or that the baby’s head is not head-first during the birth process. These two are the most common types of injuries. Another issue is that the baby may be born to early or is born premature; sometimes it is the mother’s birth canal that presents a challenge to giving birth; in other instances, the mother has been giving birth for far too long. Another common thing to happen is that the mother will a cesarean delivery, which may affect the baby.

Types of injuries

The part of the body that is mostly affected by birth injuries is the brain. This is due, in great part, to internal bleeding that can occur in the baby. This is far more common in premature babies, yet most of them who are born may not present symptoms at all. This is not always the case; some may be lethargic or may present further health complications down the road.

The most common places in the brain were blood could impact the baby can happen in various levels. It can happen below the two membranes that cover the brain and others can occur between the inner and outer layers that cover the brain. Sometimes, the bleeding can occur right between the outer layers and the skull. Bleeding can also occur from an underdeveloped brain as opposed to birth trauma.


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