What are the most common causes of birth injuries?

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Nobody likes to think about a medical mishap causing permanent damage to their newborn child, but the reality is that this occurs far too often. Birth injuries are extremely traumatic for families, and it is vital that victimized families hold those responsible accountable.

However, it is also possible for birth injuries to occur of their own merit. According to Stanford Children’s Health, a birth injury is an injury that happens to a newborn as the result of being born.

What are some common causes of birth injuries?

There are multiple reasons why a newborn may sustain a birth injury. For instance, if the baby is larger than average, this may be the cause of a birth injury during delivery. Babies that are “breech births,” or not headfirst, are also more likely to sustain a birth injury. Conversely, babies that are born too early may also have birth injuries.

Some birth injuries are the result of the shape of the mother’s birth canal or pelvis. This can make it difficult for a vaginal delivery and cause a birth injury. Overweight mothers may also have problems during birth and this can cause birth injury. If medical staff must use additional devices like forceps or vacuums to deliver the baby, this also ups the risk of birth injury.

What kinds of birth injuries are the most common?

Common birth injuries may include the newborn having a bruised or swollen head. It is also possible for the baby to have bleeding underneath a cranial bone or a fracture of the clavicle or collarbone. These are less-severe birth injuries and may correct themselves. In other cases, birth injuries may have a lifelong impact on the newborn.


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