Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong and Patient Is Breathing by a Tube

by | Jun 7, 2013 | Firm News, Surgical Errors |

In 2006, a patient chose to get a nose job done by a local plastic surgeon.
After 22 botched surgeries, however, he no longer has a nose and is suing
the doctor for medical malpractice. After infections and surgical errors,
the patient chose to abandon the surgeon and obtained an outside opinion
that the surgeon’s actions fell outside of the normal practice of
plastic surgery. If the patient is successful, he may be able to get enough
money to have reconstruction surgery to replace his nose.

While this did not happen here, it easily could have been a story about
a Cleveland surgeon who made a series of mistakes that robbed a patient
of his or her nose. And, while nothing will make a situation like this
exactly right, a medical malpractice lawsuit can go a long way toward
compensating a patient who has gone through quite a bit.

Between the first surgery in June 2006 and November 2007, the patient went
through eight surgeries before leaving the country. When he returned,
the surgeon performed 13 more nose jobs in an attempt to fix his prior
mistakes in an 11 month period. Ultimately, in his final surgery, the
surgeon removed all of the implants, hardware and other infected tissues,
leaving the man with no nose and a straw from which he was forced to breath.

In addition to the pain, time and money wasted over what should have been
a simple nose job, the patient was left seriously scarred and disfigured.
Instead of giving him the nose he wanted, the patient was left with medical
complications. Now, the patient’s medical malpractice lawsuit is
an attempt to fix what has gone so horribly wrong.


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