Emergency Room Mistakes

Helping Victims Of Emergency Room Malpractice In Ohio

In emergency medicine, every second counts. Every decision is a crucial one. If a doctor or nurse is fatigued, inexperienced, careless or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, a serious mistake may be made and a patient may be injured or lost as a result.

At The Lancione Law Firm, we have seen firsthand just how tragic the consequences of an emergency room mistake can be. We help patients and families across Cleveland in cases involving medical negligence, drawing upon an 80-year history of representing the injured and voiceless. If you or someone you love suffered harm because of malpractice in the emergency room, we are here for you.

What Are Some Examples Of Emergency Room Malpractice?

Too many emergency departments are understaffed. Overworked, the personnel in these departments may be unnecessarily fatigued or stressed. This can lead to mistakes. Our medically trained staff can talk to you about the treatment you received and can review medical records to determine exactly how and why malpractice occurred in the emergency room. We can expose this and help you recover fair compensation for your losses and injuries, such as medical care, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and more. Our firm takes on emergency room malpractice cases involving:

Patients in need of emergency treatment are entitled to standard care. At The Lancione Law Firm, we are dedicated to ensuring this. We recommend that you act quickly if you have been affected by an emergency room mistake, by contacting our office and scheduling a free, confidential case review.

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