Mason Spine Surgeon’s Case May Receive Verdict in Ohio

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice, Surgical Errors |

If you’ve been keeping track of this medical malpractice news, you
might be interested to know that a surgeon out of Mason with revoked licenses
in Ohio and Kentucky has been taken to court, and the verdict may be available
soon. According to a number of personal injury claims, the doctor allegedly
performed unnecessary surgeries on patients, but to make matters worse,
the surgeries left some of those patients in worse shape than before.

According to the news, the doctor was suspended from practicing medicine
in Ohio and Kentucky in November 2013, and he is now facing federal criminal
charges for allegedly billing Medicare for millions of dollars over surgeries
that were not necessary and left patients with further injuries. One resident
from Green Township filed a lawsuit claiming that a surgery performed
by the surgeon in 2009 left her with ongoing pain and made her spine conditions worse.

The surgeon is being tried in his absence, according to the news, because
he left the country and returned to his native home, Pakistan. This violated
his bail for the criminal charges against him. Because he is not present
at his own trial, he will not be given a chance to defend himself, which
he could have if he had not fled the country.

In this case, a number of patients are suing the doctor, and the first
case’s outcome will likely affect the rest. If you’ve been
injured by a doctor facing multiple charges or simply want to talk to
someone about whether or not you have a case, you may want to speak with
an attorney.


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