Medical Malpractice Case Settled in Favor of the Family

by | Mar 27, 2014 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice |

If you’re a victim of poor medical care in Ohio, you probably want
to quickly receive your compensation and care so that you can get back
to a normal life. In this medical malpractice case revealed on March 25,
a care center has settled a wrongful death lawsuit for the family of one
of its patients. Unfortunately, the family will have to cover end-of-life
charges, funeral costs, and medical fees even though their loved one is gone.

In this case, the Richfield Recovery and Care Center settled with the family
for $495,000 after their loved one died in the facility. The lawsuit claims
that the woman passed away in March 2013 after the nursing staff made
a number of mistakes with her care. Her reason for hospitalization wasn’t
included in the case.

The initial lawsuit claims that the woman entered the facility on March
11, 2013, after being transferred from a hospital. She was sent to Richfield,
where she was expected to recover. When she arrived, she already had a
tube inserted into her neck. This tube was provided to allow medications,
nutrients, and fluids to be given to her. Shortly after she entered the
facility, a doctor ordered the tube removed.

At that time, the attending nurse made a serious error in thinking that
the line was a PICC line, which it was not. When removing the line, the
nurse did not follow the correct procedure, according to the news. Thinking
that the line was of a different type, the nurse did not have the patient
hold her breath or lay face up. Because of this, the patient suffered
complications during the removal and had to be rushed to the Carilion
Roanoke Memorial Hospital. She died on March 21, 2013. The Salem-based
rehabilitation center has denied any liability thus far, but despite this,
it settled the case.


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