Paralysis and Paraplegia

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A life altering condition, paralysis is caused by trauma to the brain or
spinal cord. When paralysis occurs, not only does it remove a person’s
ability to control their physical movement, it affects every single aspect
of their life, causing financial difficulty, emotional stress, loss of
enjoyment, and pain and suffering among others. When paraplegia or quadriplegia,
monoplegia, diplegia or hemiplegia disabilities occur as a result of a
medical negligence, the injured individual is entitled to receive compensation
for their suffering and assistance with their future needs.

In a medical context, paralysis can be inadvertently caused by operating
errors during back surgery, mishandling medical instruments during surgery
for scoliosis or other spinal conditions, inexperienced physicians, improperly
administered anesthesia or medication, and others. In general, patients
should be made aware of the risks involving surgery near the spine with
the understanding that the procedure should improve their quality of life.
When a physician does not explain the risk fully, or takes an unneeded
risk without fully explaining the patient’s options, negligence
may have contributed to the paralysis.

We Define Success By Getting You The Compensation You Need

The attorneys at The Lancione Law Firm are among the most prominent and
respected medical malpractice firms in Ohio, successfully handling paraplegia
and paralysis claims for injured clients. The firm has regularly obtained
multi-million dollar settlements of paralysis claims on behalf of their
clients. Due to the mobility challenges faced by most paralyzed clients,
The Lancione Law Firm will visit clients wherever it is convenient. The
firm prides itself on strong, effective and sensitive representation and
focuses on obtaining the maximum compensation for each claim. When The
Lancione Law Firm accepts a case, you can be confident that they will
successfully pursue every reasonable lead to ensure your future is protected.

Call Us To Learn More About How We Can Help You

When you’ve been paralyzed in the hospital, you should contact an
attorney who is experienced in paraplegic and paralysis claims to evaluate
your legal options. For a free initial consultation, we welcome you to
contact us online or call 440-571-6862. The Lancione Law Firm accepts most medical malpractice
cases on a contingency basis, meaning fees are not received until the
claim is successful.



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