Nonobstetric Surgery During Pregnancy

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Even when performed properly, non-obstetric surgery during pregnancy can
pose a great risk to both mother and unborn child. This is because any
surgical error or post-surgical negligence can dramatically increase the
risk and cause severe injury to pregnant women. Failing to take the proper
precautions can cause a surgical procedure during a women’s pregnancy
to result in lasting consequences to the child, including brain damage,
cerebral palsy or even death in some cases. The most common type of surgery
to perform during a pregnancy is an appendectomy but any type of surgery
such as pancreatic surgery, gall bladder surgery, surgery to address accidental
trauma, among many others is advised against during the extent of the
pregnancy. If any non-obstetric surgery is performed during pregnancy,
it is vitally important to ensure that the mother’s blood is properly
oxygenated and that blood flow between mother and child is unobstructed.
If this flow is obstructed at all and there is a substantial reduction
in the flow of oxygenated blood to the fetus, a brain injury could result.

Anesthesia is another risk during a non-obstetric surgery while a woman
is pregnant. While a pregnant woman is under anesthesia, it is necessary
to continuously monitor the fetus to detect early signs of distress. Failure
to do so may be considered medical negligence which can be held against
the negligent physician, nurse or medical facility responsible. If you
feel your loved one has resulted in a birth injury due to carelessness
or preventable medical error during surgery, it is best to contact an
experienced medical malpractice attorney.

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