Signs of a Stroke

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As one of the leading causes of death in the Ohio, strokes are sometimes,
but not always, preventable. With cardiovascular disease affecting much
of the population, physicians and health care providers have an obligation
to watch for and monitor signs of the conditions that may increase the
risk of stroke, such as high blood pressure, tobacco use, poor nutrition,
obesity, high cholesterol, atrial fibrillation, cerebral aneurysm, carotid
artery stenosis (a major risk for ischemic stroke) and diabetes.

While physicians cannot bear all of the responsibility for the health of
their patients, physicians do make errors in judgment or treatment that
result in a needless negative outcome for a patient. In the case of a
stroke, the negative outcome could include permanent paralysis, cognitive
disability and even death.

If a patient has symptoms of a stroke — such as disorientation, slurred
speech or a serious headache — the doctor has a responsibility to
fully consider and investigate the complaint. If an emergency room doctor
or primary care physician fails to conduct a differential diagnosis and
other tests, they may be guilty of negligence and medical malpractice.

We Step In When Negligence Results In Severe Or Fatal Injury From Stroke

The three generations of lawyers at The Lancione Law Firm are among the
most successful medical malpractice attorneys in the country and have
handled several cases involving the misdiagnosis or negligent treatment
of stroke and heart attack in Ohio. With substantial experience representing
seriously injured individuals, we are available to offer a thorough and
accurate assessment of your situation.

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