Pro Football League Faces More Medical Malpractice Claims

by | Jun 6, 2014 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice |

In Ohio, you may have heard about how the National Football League has
been battling lawsuits from all over the U.S. for medical malpractice
claims related to concussion injuries. Now, there is a new lawsuit you
may have heard about.

According to this latest report from June 4, a second group of players
have filed lawsuits against the league, claiming that the league illegally
dispensed powerful narcotics and other drugs to players on the field.
The lawsuit claims the league had no regard for the players’ long-term health.

According to the news, the lawsuit was filed on May 20 in a U.S. District
Court in northern California. An additional 250 players were added shortly
after that, and that brought the total up to 750 plaintiffs. Surprisingly,
six of the plaintiffs in this lawsuit, including Jim McMahon, had also
been involved in the other lawsuit against the NFL over concussion-related injuries.

In the other case, the NFL tried to settle the concussion-related cases
for $765 million without acknowledging that the league knew about the
dangers to players. That settlement has not yet been approved, because
the courts aren’t sure it’s enough money to cover all of the
players involved in the case. The new lawsuit somewhat follows on the
coattails of the previous one, because it claims that between 1968 and
2008, team physicians and trainers would routinely offer powerful narcotic
drugs and controlled substances to players for pain relief. Sometimes,
this was done illegally, according to the claim. This may have led to
long-term injuries for some players.

According to the argument, the former players have come forward with a
range of concerns from chronic muscle issues to permanent nerve or organ
damage from the drugs. The 39-year-old Marcellus Wiley added his name
to the list recently after suffering through partial renal failure in
April 2014. He had no history of kidney problems, according to the news.


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