Doctors Have a Heightened Duty of Care

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It is more common today, especially in the United States that woman are
waiting until their in their mid-thirties or older to start or add to
their families. Woman are more focused on their careers than anything
are choosing to wait until later on to have children. Their doctors must
be aware of the potential risks involved and must act diligently to protect
the mother’s health and her baby’s.

One of the most common risks is Down syndrome, a common chromosomal birth
defect that causes affected children to have varying degrees of mental
and physical problems. Women over age 35 also are at an increased risk
of experiencing miscarriage because the risk of miscarriage rises with
age. While the risk is about 10 percent for women in their twenties, it
rises to more than 50 percent by age 45.

They may also face complications due to preexisting health conditions:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney and heart problems
  • And many more

These conditions can affect the growing fetus significantly. Diabetes often
contributes to birth defects and miscarriage, while high blood pressure
can prevent adequate fetal growth. Doctors managing the pregnancies of
older women should monitor them for these problems along with other potential
risks and give adequate treatment.

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