When Doctors Fail to Diagnose Appendicitis

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Failure to diagnose appendicitis is very serious, causing severe pain,
sepsis and possibly death. If you experienced severe pain or lost a loved
one due to this misdiagnosis, you may have a medical malpractice claim
against your doctor.

The Lancione Law Firm has a well-deserved reputation for successfully obtaining
verdicts and settlements for clients who suffered due to medical negligence
in diagnosing appendicitis.

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Failure To Diagnose Appendicitis Can Have Fatal Consequences

Failure to diagnose appendicitis is a serious medical error that could
easily lead to death. When an appendix becomes infected, it needs to be
removed immediately. If it is not removed, the infection will continue
to grow, eventually causing the organ to burst.

A burst appendix will release poisonous toxins into your bloodstream, causing
a painful death from septic shock.

What is even more scary is that misdiagnosis of appendicitis is more likely
to occur with children than adults, because children are less likely to
recognize the signs of appendicitis.

Medical professionals need to be held accountable in asking the right questions
and using the proper diagnostic procedures and tests. The Cleveland appendicitis
error attorneys at The Lancione Law Firm pride themselves on doing just
that. If you are concerned that a delayed diagnosis of appendicitis caused
unnecessary pain and suffering or possibly even the death of your loved
one, we are here to help.

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