Toxic Elements: Toxins in a Hospital Environment

by | May 19, 2015 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice |

Medical malpractice and personal injuries can happen in a number of ways,
but one that isn’t talked about often is how toxic chemicals and
materials could influence your health. Toxic substances could be in hospitals,
at home, or anywhere; hospitals themselves have biohazard bins and disposal
sections just to avoid contaminating patients.

As a patient or a worker in a hospital, consider the fact that you could
be exposed to asbestos or other toxic elements. Asbestos, which is an
insulator and fire retardant material used several decades ago, has been
linked to illnesses like mesothelioma and asbestosis. Most facilities
will have eliminated this risk by now, but if your hospital or facility
has not had its insulation checked, those inside could be at risk of exposure.

Who is responsible for the well-being of those exposed to hazards? Typically,
if you’re on an employer’s premises, it’s up to your
employer to make sure you aren’t in harm’s way. If you’re
a medical provider to a patient, it’s going to be your job to make
sure the medications and materials you use to inject or work on patients
aren’t harmful to the body. On top of this, the manufacturer of
these products could be held liable for any injuries caused by toxic or
harmful materials, whether that includes contaminated medications or needles
with toxic lead in their tips.

Any of these toxic items can cause catastrophic injuries to patients and
medical providers, making it important for everyone to be aware of the
products being used. If you’ve been hurt, then you know that it’s
important that you seek care right away to treat these serious side effects
and the injuries you’ve suffered.


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