Malpractice Case Highlights Nursing Home Abuse

by | Jul 9, 2015 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice |

Leaving a loved one in the care of a nursing facility can be difficult.
You can’t be there at all times to be sure that they’re cared
for, even if you want to. Unfortunately, when you should be able to be
assured of their health and well-being, some facilities won’t take
your loved one’s health seriously.

A family has claimed that an Ohio-based nursing home company has been responsible
for negligence in relation to their family member’s death. The 85-year-old
woman at the center of the claim died in a Catonsville nursing home in
2014, but not before a video was taken by her daughter-in-law showing
the staff ignoring the woman’s pain and suffering for over an hour.

The lawsuit alleges that Mano rCare Health Services-Woodbridge Valley has
been negligent and that the records kept on the woman’s health had
been in complete conflict with the video. There were notes left on the
woman’s chart that stated that she had not been in pain, but the
video from August 2014 shows her screaming in pain and requesting assistance
to get to the bathroom for over an hour. During the time the woman cried
for help, no health care provider responded, even though an alarm bell
was sounded.

The Toledo, Ohio-based company has made a statement that it’s in
compliance with federal and state health care regulations, but it has
been accused of violations of the Federal False Claims Act in another
lawsuit, too. That lawsuit suggests that the company has been providing
unnecessary rehabilitation services to those patients on Medicare, which
is a fraudulent act.

With the new lawsuit, the elderly woman also passed away just 30 hours
after the video was shot. She had also suffered unusual and unexplained
injuries at the facility, like a broken arm.


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