Cleveland Clinic Facing Medical Malpractice Claim in Ohio Courts

by | Jan 6, 2016 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice |

If you’ve been hurt or lost a loved one to a medical condition, you
know it can be very hard to move on. You want to be sure there was nothing
else that could be done to save your beloved family member. The problem
of medical malpractice can complicate your situation. If you find errors
were made, your attorney can help you make a claim for negligence.

In Ohio, a retired Air Force colonel is rallying against the Cleveland
Clinic in an ongoing legal battle. He claims that surgeons injured him
when removing a cancerous prostate gland. The surgery, he claims, was
botched, leaving him not able to continue working as a 747 pilot. He has
also become impotent and incontinent due to the mistake, his lawsuit claims.

The Ohio Supreme Court is trying to decide if this case should be allowed
to be heard. In Ohio, you have only four years to sue for medical malpractice,
and this case is bordering that time limit. The surgery occurred in 2008,
and his lawsuit was filed in 2015. He claims that he had previously filed
in 2010, but the Cleveland Clinic didn’t grant him access to records
or discoveries, which meant his case was delayed and then eventually dropped
in 2011. He claims the Clinic used delaying tactics to avoid the case
going to court.

The man wants to have his case heard, because he claims the surgeon who
was meant to perform the surgery didn’t do it at all. Instead, it
was two doctors in training. That’s not what the original surgeon
reported, though. On top of that, the man does have proof that the Clinic
had failed to resolve his complaints in 2010, including information about
a citation that stated the Clinic had withheld information from an inspector
and failed to have proper consent forms for patients heading into surgery.


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