Missing the Signs of Heart Attack Is Malpractice

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Heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death in Ohio. Fortunately,
medical and pharmaceutical technology exists that can reduce the risk
of heart attack for many patients. There are also treatments that can
minimize the long-term damage to the heart once a heart attack is in progress.
Unfortunately, however, not everyone receives the proper standard of care.

If you or someone you know has suffered a heart attack and you are concerned
that medical malpractice may have played a factor, you should seek the
advice of an experienced malpractice attorney.

The three generations of Cleveland heart attack misdiagnosis attorneys
at The Lancione Law Firm are among the most successful medical malpractice
attorneys in the country and have obtained substantial verdicts and settlements
for Ohio clients who suffered medical negligence in the diagnosis and
treatment of a heart attack or stroke.

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When Negligence Results In Heart Attack Injury Or Death, We Can Help

The risks of coronary artery disease and heart attack may develop and build
over many years, and there are many drugs and treatments now available
to prevent and slow the disease’s progression. Failure to conduct
proper screenings, failure to suggest preventative therapies — such
as exercise, smoking cessation, proper management of diabetes or healthy
weight control — and failure to prescribe statin drugs like Zocor
may all be signs of negligent medical care. Doctors may be held accountable
for failure to diagnose congenital conditions — such as cardiomegaly
(enlarged heart) or cardiomyopathy — that can increase the risk
of heart attack.

Although these failures are troublesome, a much more serious form of medical
malpractice may occur when a heart attack is misdiagnosed. If a patient
gets treatment and has symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, the doctor
has a responsibility to fully consider and investigate the complaint.
If the doctor fails to do so, the result may be fatal.

If you or a loved one complained of chest pain to an emergency room doctor
or primary care physician and was diagnosed with gastritis or heartburn,
it may be that the doctor failed to follow the proper procedures of differential

A health care provider should order the appropriate tests, such as stress
tests and others in order to confirm or rule out the presence of a heart
attack. When symptoms are minimized or mistaken for another cause, or
when health care providers fail to consider all possibilities, provide
sub-standard care, or make an error in procedure or treatment, negligence
may have occurred. When you have suffered from this kind of medical negligence,
it is important that you seek the help of experienced Cleveland heart
attack misdiagnosis attorneys.

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