Early Detection Is Crucial in Breast Cancer Cases

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The Lancione Law Firm is one of Ohio’s leading medical malpractice
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When They Mismanage Or Misread Records, You Can Suffer Fatal Harm

Breast cancer is a devastating diagnosis, regardless of the progression
of the cancer. However, the chances of surviving breast cancer for at
least five years are clearly linked to receiving an early diagnosis. Mismanagement
of records, misreading mammograms, misdiagnosis of the disease, or underestimating
the severity of a lump are some of the more common errors. Delayed diagnosis
and treatment of breast cancer can be fatal.

When cancer is diagnosed late, the patient is more likely to die. An early
diagnosis can mean difference between life and death. Later diagnosis
almost always results in significantly more tissue loss, more invasive
procedures, and considerable loss of well being due to aggressive chemotherapy
and radiation. If you feel your doctor has ignored early warning signs
of cancer or misread the signs, and you or a family member has suffered
a more severe consequence as a result, you may be entitled to compensation.

Breast cancer misdiagnosis and error include the following:

  • Errors in diagnosis occur when physicians do not perform a breast examination,
    misidentify or ignore an apparent lump in a breast.
  • When a lump is discovered, a physician may fail to order a mammogram, mistake
    the lump for an infection, or fail to order a biopsy to determine if the
    lump is benign.
  • Mammograms can be misread, relied on too heavily (in lieu of breast examination)
    or its results not pursued.
  • Errors in follow-up tests include failing to order a biopsy or ultrasound
    or simply failing to follow up with the patient regarding test results.

Our Ohio cancer misdiagnosis lawyers have successfully settled innumerable
breast cancer cases, as well as winning many breast cancer medical malpractice verdicts.

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