Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

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At the law office of The Lancione Law Firm, our lawyers represent clients who have needlessly suffered or lost loved ones due to Stevens-Johnson syndrome caused by medical negligence. Call our attorneys today at 440-571-6862 or email us to schedule a free initial consultation.

A ‘Simple’ Medication Error Can Lead To Serious Reactions And Severe Pain

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is a reaction to medication by which your skin burns off your body from the inside, out. If the syndrome continues to progress, it terms into toxic epidermal necrosis, by which the skin becomes toxic as it dies and poisons your blood stream.

This horrible condition may initially occur, or become worse, due to medical negligence such as:

  • Medication errors such as incorrect dosage of medication, failure to consider contraindicated medications or administration of the wrong prescription by the pharmacy
  • Failure to explain the possibility that Stevens-Johnson syndrome may occur as a result of taking a particular medication
  • Failure to recognize Stevens-Johnson syndrome, leading to a failure to stop administrating the drug causing the condition
  • Failure to treat Stevens-Johnson syndrome properly, so as to stop the progression

Our Cleveland Stevens-Johnson syndrome attorneys handle cases in which Stevens-Johnson syndrome could have been prevented, wasn’t warned about, or could have been treated properly so as to prevent permanent damage or death due to the condition.

Our three generations of attorneys have been standing up for individuals and families injured by medical malpractice for decades. We are considered one of the top medical malpractice firms in Ohio, due in large part to our commitment to achieving full compensation for the victims of medical malpractice.

Learn More About Getting Compensation For The Pain You Suffered

Our attorneys are dedicated to improving statewide medical standards by holding health care professionals accountable for proper care and support, as well as proper administration of medication. In this way, we hope to help prevent suffering from horrible, preventable conditions such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

We have a well-deserved reputation of success in obtaining financial verdicts and settlements for victims of medical negligence. We invite you to call the Rocky River office of The Lancione Law Firm at 440-571-6862 or contact our lawyers online for a free initial consultation. We proudly serve the entire state of Ohio, including the communities of Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo.


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