A Gift Guide for Children with Cerebral Palsy

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Birth Injury, Firm News, General Interest, Medical Malpractice |

When your little one has been diagnosed with a sensory difficulty of any
kind, the best gift of all to give is time. Research shows that interactive
play time goes a long way and helps parents and caregivers an understanding
of the child’s thought process – be it from a creative or
logical angle. This holiday season, we’ve curated a list that may
come handy when it comes to gifts. Just a friendly tip, always check with
immediate family members to gauge the child’s interest.

  1. Squigz: They say a good idea really sticks in your mind, think of Squigz as little idea people who stick. They connect to each other and to any solid surface with a simple suction mechanism. Available in multiple colors and shapes, these idea people are great for sensory stimulation, firing up creativity and make for a fun, experimental activity. BPA and Latex free, these Squigz guys look like characters from Dr. Seuss books that kids will really enjoy.
  2. Dado Squares: Recommended by visual spatial researchers and teachers, Dado Squares are not your average blocks. These blocks have slits on them and can be interlocked to create 3 D structures. The squares help with increasing hand strength, visualization and coordination.
  3. Chew brick sensory necklace: A silicone, BPA-free chewing toy that helps children with autism alleviate anxiety. The toy is specially designed for those diagnosed with special oral motor skills or those who have biting habits. The necklace, per Amazon reviews, helps children stay calm and focused.
  4. Handwriting glove: The Handy Herbert Handwriting Glove is a great way to help the child get a firmer grip to write and makes writing a fun activity. This glove is designed for children between 4 to 10 years old and can be used with a pen or pencil. It provides just the right amount of “pencil pinch.”
  5. Adaptive clothing: Target now offers a specially designed line of clothing suited for children with special needs. The line by Cat and Jack has comfort features like additional zippers for front and back openings, zip-off sleeves, and jackets with side opening. Children with special needs is another great website that offers more options for adapted clothing.
  6. Letters and numbers: Sensory putty mats are a fun way to create a pathway to learning numbers and letters. Molding and shaping creates a “neural pathway” to literacy and strengths fine motor skills while making learning a fun experience for little ones. See and spell from Melissa and Doug is another puzzle like activity that enables kids to feel the alphabet, recognize sounds, spell and even compose short sentences.

In addition to the websites mentioned in the blog post, don’t forget to check out Barnes and Noble, Toys R Us, Target and other major retailers that have special needs section and helpful customer reviews.

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