What are medication errors?

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Patients in Ohio expect the best possible care when visiting a hospital or doctor’s office. While not everyone likes to take medications, doing so might be necessary to preserve health and wellness. Things can go dramatically awry when the wrong medication is prescribed. In the aftermath, the patient may have grounds for a lawsuit.

Medication errors occur in alarming numbers in the United States. Such errors refer to “preventable events” that may cause a patient harm when the medication is controlled by a health care professional, patient or consumer.” Although many malpractice claims focus on errors caused by a health care provider, the patient could make mistakes. If left unsupervised, a patient in a nursing home, for example, could misuse prescription medication. There are many ways problems could arise.

Errors take on different forms as well. The FDA looks at many potential causes for possible medical errors. Labeling and packaging, for example, could lead to a mistake. A prescription drug might come in multiple milligram dosages. Is the specific dosage amount appropriately labeled on the packaging? Even the names of the drugs could create problems. When several drugs have similar-sounding names, avoidable mishaps and mistakes may occur.

Regardless, human error might be the root of an adverse incident. If a patient was prescribed 10mg of a drug and a nurse took the 25mg bottle, then the nurse could be at fault. Sadly, the results of such errors could be severe. Death and birth defects are two examples of possible results from avoidable mistakes.

A person who suffers from medication errors may benefit from speaking with a medical malpractice attorney. The attorney might help seek compensation for any additional care or pain and suffering resulting from the mishap. An attorney may also represent a family in a wrongful death suit. The compensation sought from such a suit might cover college expenses, family business expenses and more.


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