2 signs that a bad medical outcome occurred from malpractice

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Patients trust health care professionals to use their expertise and skills to provide them with the best care possible for their circumstances. Unfortunately, the practice of medicine is not an exact science and not all health care professionals follow the Hippocratic oath. Mistakes and other factors often occur during the commission of care or treatment that causes some people to become victims of medical malpractice.

Poor and adverse outcomes happen all of the time in the medical field. Even the best care from top medical experts is not enough to prevent negligence, mistakes, and other issues that cause some people to experience a worsening of symptoms, development of additional conditions or even die. Below are a couple of signs that a bad medical outcome might qualify as a medical malpractice claim.

Lack of informed consent

Not all doctors inform their patients about the risks, benefits and other pertinent information they need to make optimal decisions for their health. Medical malpractice claims that involve improper consent allegations must prove the claimants’ medical decisions were the outcome of not receiving proper information/consent from their doctors.

Poor treatment

The sum of a person’s medical care is a combination of working parts that include interactions with administration, nursing, laboratory and other medical personnel. A breakdown in any of those components that in normal conditions would not affect patient health can create consequences that ultimately result in long-term and devastating patient outcomes.

It is important to note that medical malpractice claims must establish that there was a violation in the standard of care of delivered and if that breach is the direct cause of injury or additional trauma. This burden of proof is difficult for many patients to manage on their own and often, legal counsel is necessary.


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