When should you seek a second medical opinion?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2021 | Medical Malpractice |

While you trust your doctor in Ohio, a recent diagnosis left you feeling uncertain. Should you consider getting a second opinion from a different medical professional?

Cleveland Clinic explores the benefits of seeing a second doctor about a diagnosis or treatment. You do not have to live with anxiety or doubt.

You want to confirm the diagnosis

Maybe you did some preliminary research on your symptoms and uncovered a diagnosis completely different from your doctor’s. Perhaps your primary physician neglected to run all available tests or misinterpreted exam results. By seeking another opinion, you have the chance to explore and consider other diagnoses.

You want to learn more about your condition

Perhaps you dislike feeling left in the dark about your health. Rather than doubting your doctor, you may schedule an appointment with another health practitioner because you want to gather more information about your condition. By gaining more details, you may discover more treatment options, ones that you may prefer over the initial treatment your primary physician recommended.

You want to make sure you choose an appropriate treatment

The treatment your doctor suggested for your condition may be more invasive, expensive or life-altering than you feel comfortable with. Another medical professional may review the prescribed treatment plan and check it for accuracy and thoroughness. By getting a second opinion, you may learn of alternative treatments that your doctor may not know about, ones that may not involve surgery or an extensive recovery period.

You have the right to see several doctors about the same diagnosis. Doing so may help you avoid becoming a misdiagnosis victim.


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