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When babies are born premature, with a birth injury or another serious medical issue, many of them are placed in a hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in order to be carefully monitored and to receive additional medical attention. The level of care in a NICU needs to be to the highest ethical and professional standards, because a newborn’s infant life could be at risk.

Unfortunately, medical errors due to negligence sometimes occur, resulting in even more serious neonatal injuries or illnesses. When this happens, medical professionals need to be held accountable for their actions. That’s why it’s critical that parents talk to an experienced birth injury attorney as soon as possible to learn more about their legal rights.

Cleveland birth injury lawyer John A. Lancione can be there for you every step of the way. One of the founders of The Lancione Law Firm, attorney Lancione has decades of experience handling birth injury cases in Ohio and nationwide. Because our law firm focuses on birth injury and medical negligence claims, we have an in-depth understanding of how the legal system works when it comes to such cases.

We know exactly what to do when we take on a tough birth injury claim involving a NICU injury. We know how to analyze medical records and frequently consult with experts in their field. And if you ever have a question about your case, you can call attorney Lancione directly on his personal cellphone at any time. We do things different at The Lancione Law Firm. We always put your best interests first.

What are common NICU injuries?

Injuries and illnesses sustained by newborn infants (known as neonates, which are children under 28 days old) in a hospital NICU can cover a wide range. Some of the most common injuries, which are often due to negligence, include:

  • Broken bones or fractures.
  • Severe hospital infections, including sepsis.
  • Neonatal seizures.

Whatever type of injury or illness you’re dealing with involving your newborn baby, make sure your child receives the medical care they need and deserve to fully recover. Then talk to attorney Lancione to learn more about the legal options available to your family.

What causes these injuries?

Newborn infants often receive additional medical care in a hospital NICU because they have a serious, potentially life-threatening injury or illness. This is why doctors, nurses and other NICU medical professionals need to carefully monitor a newborn infant’s health and well-being.

Many injuries and illnesses sustained by babies in a NICU in a hospital often occur due to negligence. Examples include:

  • Failure to diagnose serious injuries or illnesses, including illnesses or injuries sustained in the NICU after the child’s birth.
  • Delay in treatment of an emergency medical situation in the NICU.
  • Misdiagnosis of a medical condition.
  • Medication errors, including prescribing the wrong medication, administering the wrong medication or giving an infant the wrong medication dosage amount.
  • Infections, including sepsis, sustained by a newborn infant in a NICU due to unsanitary hospital conditions.
  • Resuscitation errors in cases involving newborn children with respiratory illnesses or injuries sustained during the child’s pregnancy or delivery.
  • Not closely monitoring an infant’s blood pressure or blood flow, especially children with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) or a brain injury.
  • Not closely monitoring infants experiencing seizures soon after delivery.

NICU medical professionals undergo years of rigorous training and are held to high standards of care. If your child was harmed or became even sicker due to mistakes made by healthcare professionals, we can help your family when you need us most.

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There’s a reason why The Lancione Law Firm has such a well-earned reputation when it comes to handling birth injury claims. Our attention to detail and dedication to our clients has consistently earned us rave reviews from our clients and fellow attorneys. That’s why many lawyers regularly refer birth injury cases to our law firm.

You’ll notice the difference the first time you meet with Ohio birth injury attorney John A. Lancione. He never takes anything for granted. He will take the time to listen to you personally explain what happened. He will then explain your legal options. That way, you can make informed decisions about your family’s legal needs.

Our legal team will then conduct a rigorous, in-depth investigation in search of evidence in support of your legal claim. This often involves carefully reviewing hospital records, inspector reports and other important documents.

Many medical professionals, insurance companies and attorneys agree to cooperate with us and negotiate a fair settlement offer in good faith once they see we’re serious about your case. If not, we will not hesitate to file a birth injury lawsuit or take other legal action on your behalf.

The road to justice can be long. Take the first step. Contact our law firm and schedule a free consultation with Cleveland birth injury lawyer John A. Lancione. You can reach us online or call (440) 331-6100 or (877) 515-4369 to start your legal journey with The Lancione Law Firm.

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