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Pelvic Insufficiency and Birth Injuries

Ohio birth injury lawyer explains legal options available to women

A pregnant woman’s pelvic bone needs to be strong when she’s having a baby. Otherwise, her health and her fetus’ health could be at risk during her pregnancy. This is why obstetricians need to be aware of the maternal risk factors that could result in a pelvic bone injury, especially before or during the delivery process.

Pelvic insufficiency is a factor in many high-risk pregnancies. Unfortunately, some doctors don’t take such risk factors into consideration during a woman’s pregnancy. As a result, pelvic insufficiency fractures and other pelvic injuries sometimes occur, often resulting in a birth injury. When this happens, it’s critical that women know their rights and understand the legal options available to them.

Cleveland birth injury lawyer John A. Lancione can help you every step of the way. One of the founders of The Lancione Law Firm, attorney Lancione has a national reputation for standing up for the rights of pregnant women. He has been practicing law in Ohio for more than three decades and focuses on birth injury and medical negligence claims in Ohio and nationwide.

Based on his decades of experience, he thoroughly understands the rules and regulations governing such complex legal cases. That’s why other lawyers frequently refer birth injury cases to The Lancione Law Firm. They know we know how to get the job done right.

What is pelvic insufficiency?

Pelvic insufficiency is a medical term used to describe anything that puts the pelvis at risk of an injury. The most common pelvis injury pregnant women sustain is a pelvic insufficiency fracture, meaning the bone is broken.

Hairline pelvic fractures are common but other types of pelvic insufficiency injuries can occur as well, including:

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  • Pubic ramus fracture – Bone fracture involving the pubic ramus bones, which are located on each side of the lower pelvis.
  • Sacral insufficiency fracture – This type of bone fracture involves the sacrum bones, which are in the back of the pelvis near the base of the spine. Sacral insufficiency fractures are common among pregnant women.
  • Femoral fracture – This type of bone fracture involves the femur bones, particularly the femoral neck, which is in the hip and supports the femoral head bone. Femoral neck fractures can be potentially life-threatening since they often result in avascular necrosis of the femoral head bone. Avascular necrosis is a medical term for bone loss due to a lack of blood supply in the bone.

These are just some of the most common injuries due to pelvic insufficiency. This is why it’s critical that doctors fully understand the risk factors associated with them and watch for the warning signs of such injuries.

What causes pelvic insufficiency fractures?

Pelvic insufficiency fractures involving pregnant women happen for many different reasons. Common causes may include:

  • Osteoporosis, especially among older pregnant women.
  • Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy.
  • Any medical condition that reduces a woman’s bone density.

Doctors need to be aware of the risk factors and carefully monitor a woman’s health during her pregnancy. If not, a pelvic fracture can occur, which could put the mother and fetus at risk. That’s why it’s critical that women fully understand their legal rights if they sustain a pelvic insufficiency fracture or another type of preventable pelvic injury.

You have rights. We can stand up for them. Contact our law firm

You might think you don’t need a lawyer if medical negligence occurred and you sustained a pelvic insufficiency fracture. Unfortunately, most medical professionals rarely admit they did anything wrong. Instead, they often hire a team of attorneys to defend their actions and deny your injury claim.

Ohio birth injury attorney John A. Lancione knows how to handle such complex legal cases. This starts with taking the time to personally find out what happened to you. As a result, he will listen carefully as you explain to him how you got hurt. That way, he can outline the legal options available.

We believe our clients should be well informed about their legal rights. And if you ever have any questions about the status of your case, you can personally call attorney Lancione on his cellphone anytime. Your best interests always come first here.

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