Mom Is Still at Risk

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Childbirth should be a time of great joy and celebration, a time of welcoming
a new member into your family and enjoying the precious moments you have.
Sadly, for many Ohio families, it is instead filled with great sorrow,
pain and suffering due to birth injury or death.

And the very worst part of this — it could have been prevented. At
The Lancione Law Firm, our attorneys serve the victims of maternal injuries
throughout Ohio. If you or your child are suffering due to injuries caused
by a negligent health care provider, we can help you pursue compensation
to cover the costs of medical care and any pain and suffering for present
and future medical care costs.

Defending Your Rights For More Than 80 Years

At our law firm, we have over three generations of experienced medical
malpractice lawyers that have been helping clients like you for more than
80 years. Some of the maternal birth injury cases we have experience in include:

  • Excessive Bleeding/hemorrhage: This is one of the most common causes of
    maternal deaths.
  • Maternal infections: These include infections of an incision during a cesarean
    section and infections from unsanitary conditions in the hospital, causing
    serious long-term injury to the mother or death.
  • Blood clots: Blood clots can be deep within the legs or lungs, causing
    severe injury or death.

With our depth of experience and understanding of medical malpractice,
we can thoroughly investigate your case, getting all the facts, so that
you receive all that is yours under the law.

Has The Mother Of Your Child Suffered A Birth Injury? Call Us.

If your child’s mother suffered a birth injury that led to a long-term
serious medical condition or even death, call us. We are the experienced
medical malpractice attorneys of The Lancione Law Firm, with locations
in Columbus and Rocky River. We will find out if the injury was preventable
and help you hold someone who should have known better accountable for
your tragedy. Call us at 440-571-6862 or
complete the online form. Your first consultation is always free.



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