Maternal Injury from Blood Clots During Childbirth

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Blood clots can have negative health effects on anyone. A blood clot that
affects a mother during childbirth, however, can cause serious injuries
to both her and the child if not recognized and taken care of quickly.

Our attorneys at The Lancione Law Firm, can determine whether doctors acted
negligently in failing to detect blood clots during the birth of your
child. With millions of dollars recovered for clients throughout Ohio,
we have the experience and resources to help your family and hold negligent
health care providers accountable for the harm they cause.

Blood Clots Have Serious Effects

Our law firm has extensive experience dealing with blood clots —
also known as thromboembolic disease — and their effects during
childbirth. Because blood clots can cause grave danger to mother and child,
doctors need to take every step possible to prevent them or treat them
once they detect an actual clot or any warning signs and take the necessary
precautions and treatments if needed.

Some common terms that most people may be aware of include:

  • Deep vein thrombosis: This is a blood clot that forms deep within a vein, usually in the thigh
    or another part of the leg.
  • Pulmonary embolism: This occurs when a pulmonary artery in the lungs is blocked by a blood
    clot, including a deep vein thrombosis, traveling from another part of
    the body. This can be fatal.

In our investigation, our lawyers can determine whether doctors detected
early warning signs of blood clots in time. If they were detected, did
doctors prescribe the right treatment? With decades of combined experience,
our lawyers know the experts to work with and how to uncover the facts
that can help you recover the compensation you deserve. Give us a call
today to see how we can help you!

Turn To Our Medical Malpractice Attorneys For The Help You Need

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