You Can File a Claim After a Birth Injury Hurts Your Child

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Birth Injury, Firm News |

While some birth injuries are genetic and others occur as a result of no
ill-will, the fact is that many birth injuries that happen are a result
of negligence or medical malpractice.

During the birthing process, a child must swiftly move through the birth
canal. It’s possible that the child could get stuck, and that is
a potentially life-threatening situation. If the umbilical cord wraps
around the child, the child could be asphyxiated. This is something the
medical team should be looking out for in order to quickly release the
cord from the child’s neck.

The medical team working with you on your pregnancy and delivery should
be aware of potential complications and ready to deal with them when necessary.
A sudden loss of blood or uterine ruptures can be deadly for mothers.

During birth, there’s also another issue to look out for. When the
head enters the canal, it takes on much of the pressure of the delivery.
It’s common for babies to have swelling or bruising, but it’s
not normal for it to stay longer than a few days. Bruising can occur on
the skull; it’s even possible for an intracranial hemorrhage to
take place. That’s most common among premature infants, but it’s
something your medical team should be looking for, especially if your
child is acting lethargic.

Your child should receive fluids, supportive measures and warmth if a hemorrhage
occurs. If your child doesn’t get the treatment he or she requires
and is injured because of it, you may be able to file a claim against
the medical personnel responsible. Our website has more information.


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