New Ride for Boy on the Road to Recovery

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His life started on a bumpy ride but now, little Carter Brown is off to
the races.

Carter has been through a lot. In his first 15 minutes of life, he needed
CPR to bring oxygen to his brain and help him survive.

Carter’s brain injury limits his ability to move around. The road
to recovery at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska has
been challenging for the Brown family.

“He’s come along a way. We credit this place with most of it,”
said Carter’s mom, Katy Brown.

“Sitting, crawling, walking; stuff that hasn’t happened yet,
so you are happy when he takes a bite of applesauce or has his hand open
to hold your hand,” said Carter’s dad, Chris.

On the eve of his 16-month-birthday, Carter was treated to a new ride.
Chris enlisted help to get his son moving.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln engineering student Heidi Kratzer and Chase
Pfeifer with Madonna used their skills to modify the Jeep.

They added an adapted steering wheel, a new seat and harness and remote-controlled
throttle and steering. Chris can operate the Jeep with a remote control.

“Being able to have met Carter and his family really gave us that
drive to get it done,” Pfeifer said.

For Katy, seeing her son smile while he cruised around has made all the
hard work over these last 16 months worthwhile.

“Carter’s smile has been what has healed my heart. Since Carter
was born with his birth injury, just seeing his smile is what makes me
heal every day. Just seeing that was an amazing experience for me,”
Katy said.

Mom and dad say Carter’s new ride couldn’t have been a better
present. To help Carter play like any other boy, there’s a big green
accelerator button he can push.

“Even today, I think with pushing the button to go, six or eight
months ago, he wasn’t even close to doing something like that,”
said Chris.

The project is inspired by the national Go, Baby Go project. Carter’s
Jeep was modified thanks to Madonna’s 3D printer.

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The article is written by: Chase Moffitt , as seen on
WOWT 6 News.



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