Issues to address before labor and delivery

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For many women in Ohio, pregnancy is uneventful until labor begins. Although a woman’s body is often stretched and tired by the end of a pregnancy, there is a bright side at the end of the long days and restless nights as the woman can hold her baby in her arms. However, there could be complications that arise during the later stages of pregnancy, many that can be diagnosed by a medical doctor before something happens to the woman or her baby.

The third trimester be uncomfortable, but there are some pains that shouldn’t be ignored and should be examined by a doctor as soon as possible. Preeclampsia is a common condition that develops late in pregnancy with the first sign usually being high blood pressure. If a woman’s doctor notices an elevated blood pressure during a routine office visit and does nothing about it or doesn’t alert the woman that her blood pressure should be monitored, then there is a potential for a medical malpractice claim to be filed if something happens during labor and delivery.

Vaginal bleeding should be addressed, especially if it’s associated with a fever or severe cramping or abdominal pain. This could mean that a miscarriage is occurring or that there are issues with the placenta. A headache that doesn’t go away, swelling that suddenly occurs, or a decrease in the amount of urine output are all complications that a woman wants to talk to her doctor about as they could be signs that labor is on the horizon or that something is wrong with the baby.

After going to a routine appointment, a woman learns that her blood pressure is very high. Instead of being admitted to the hospital, her doctor sends her home, resulting in her baby being stillborn from complications. An attorney can offer assistance by filing a claim for medical malpractice as the doctor knew that her blood pressure was high at the time of her appointment. The attorney can include compensation for medical treatments as well as pain and suffering in the claim along with assisting to file criminal charges against the doctor.


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