Identifying a doctor’s errors during childbirth

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Whether you recently gave birth, plan to have a child in the near future or your spouse is preparing for childbirth, it is very important to identify doctor errors and negligence right away. For starters, this can reduce the likelihood of serious injuries and other complications during the birthing process. Moreover, if a doctor’s wrongdoing results in a birth injury, parents need to understand how the doctor’s actions (or failure to act) resulted in hardships, especially if legal action is on the table.

According to data provided by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the birth trauma rate for live births was 1.9 per 1,000 during 2012. Sadly, these mistakes are very devastating for many families.

How do doctor errors result in birth injuries?

There are many different ways in which doctor errors can cause birth injuries. Sometimes, a lack of communication results in misunderstanding, whether a doctor or nurse confuses one patient with another, makes an error with regard to medication or fails to account for the unique needs of a mother during childbirth. Some doctors make serious mistakes because they are very tired due to working for too many hours, while inexperience plays a role in other injuries (such as a doctor who fails to recognize warning signs during childbirth).

How can parents hold negligent doctors accountable?

If a doctor’s carelessness or negligence has caused you, your child or your partner to suffer, it is imperative to hold them responsible. Aside from a sense of justice, legal action helps many families who are facing immense financial hurdles as a result of birth injuries, such as costly medical care and long-term challenges due to an injury.


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