How can you be a better advocate for yourself during pregnancy?

On Behalf of | May 19, 2021 | Birth Injury |

Pregnancy can bring you so much joy and excitement, but you may also worry about the potential for problems with your pregnancy or delivery.

Birth injuries are a real concern, but if you learn to be the best advocate for yourself, you can help reduce the risk of problems during birth.

Get educated

Educating yourself about pregnancy and labor can help you better understand your care.

Your medical providers can be excellent sources of information. If you have questions, you should not be afraid to draw on the knowledge of your medical providers. Getting answers will help you make more informed decisions and give you more confidence.

You should also make sure to ask questions about any treatment your doctor recommends. Your doctor should be able to explain how and why they came to any particular conclusion.

Speak up

Often, people hesitate to speak up about their worries with doctors. However, if you notice something wrong or have concerns about your care, you should make your voice heard. You know your body better than anyone.

Discuss your preferences

You likely have preferences about the birth of your child, and you should make sure to communicate those preferences with your doctor. You should also discuss your wishes with a spouse, partner, or another person who can help support your decisions.

Even when you take steps to advocate for yourself, you may find that you are still unsatisfied with your medical care. If that is the case, you do not have to settle. Instead, do your research and find the right care provider for your needs.


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