3 critical questions pregnant women should ask their doctors

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Few life events are more exciting and more stressful than welcoming a new baby into the family. If you are expecting your first child, you may also have some nervousness. Fortunately, women have delivered healthy babies for millennia.

Even though you are likely to have a normal pregnancy and childbirth, serious injuries to pregnant women and their babies are not exactly rare in the U.S. To achieve some peace of mind, you may want to ask your doctor three critical questions.

1. What is your vaginal birth rate?

If you want to have a natural birth as opposed to a Caesarean section, you probably want to know your doctor’s vaginal birth rate. This is simply how often your doctor delivers newborns vaginally. If the vaginal birth rate seems low, you may want to look for a different doctor.

2. Where do you have admission privileges?

Even though your doctor’s office may be close to your home or place of employment, your doctor may not have hospital admission privileges in your neighborhood. If you have to drive across town or to another county when you are in labor, you may be at increased risk for complications.

3. What tests do you normally order?

Modern medicine gives doctors a variety of tests and procedures to check the health of both expectant mothers and their unborn babies. While some tests are standard, others are only necessary for certain situations. Therefore, you should understand what tests your doctor normally orders and when he or she may order additional or special tests.

Doctors have many patients, so to boost your chances of having a successful delivery, you must be an advocate for your own health care. Ultimately, any information you obtain from your doctor is likely to pay dividends for you and your baby.


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