What factors lead to birth injuries in mothers in the U.S?

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Birth injuries can happen to the mother or the baby. They can occur during labor and delivery but may also happen after the birth during recuperation. It often depends on the care the doctor provides and the attention paid to the mother as to whether she will recover fully from any complications during the labor and delivery process instead of having it result in a birth injury.

U.S. News and World Report explains mothers often face birth injuries because doctors fail to pay attention to them once the delivery is over. The two top complications require monitoring even after the baby is born to ensure the mother remains healthy.

Injuries to mothers

When giving birth, you are most likely to suffer a birth injury if you have high blood pressure or lose an excessive amount of blood. These two conditions lead to the most deaths in mothers giving birth. They are also both treatable and your doctor should be able to minimize the impact on you to save your life or protect you against adverse effects.

Your doctor can give you medications and monitor you to watch your condition and prevent serious complications.

Injuries despite treatment

The issue with these top two birth complications and why they lead to death or other serious complications is because monitoring doctors does not happen. There are really no checks and balances in place to ensure doctors follow the guidelines in the heat of the moment.

It is only after the event that your family can legally hold the doctor responsible, but by then it is too late.


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