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The terms hypoxia and anoxia both refer to oxygen deficiency, a condition that can have disastrous effects for an infant during labor and delivery. Hypoxia may be specifically defined as a lower-than-normal level of oxygen in the blood, while anoxia is defined as a complete lack or absence of oxygen. Hypoxia and anoxia can lead to brain damage, which can affect a child’s life in every way possible. Extreme cases of oxygen deficiency can lead to death.

The attorney at The Lancione Law Firm has three decades of experience dealing with birth injury claims related to anoxia and hypoxia. If your child experienced a lack of oxygen during birth, it is important to consider what caused this. If labor and delivery malpractice was involved, the at-fault doctor, nurse or facility may be held accountable — and this means that your child’s lifelong care should be provided for.

Know The Consequences Of Hypoxia And Anoxia

Hypoxia and anoxia can have immediate and long-term consequences, the true nature and extent of which are nearly impossible to determine. The impact that oxygen deprivation may have on an infant will vary greatly dramatically depending on the duration and the degree of brain damage. There is also much that the medical community has to learn about the brain and its ability to heal. However, there are certain conditions that have been linked to oxygen deprivation.

If it occurs before, during or after childbirth, anoxia and hypoxia may cause:

  • Brain damage
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Developmental delays
  • Mental retardation
  • Movement disorders
  • Death

When you come to our Cleveland hypoxia/anoxia lawyer, we will work closely with you and will carefully review all medical records, as well as prognoses by specialists, to determine how your child may be affected. This is essential if we are to recover a fair settlement or award to provide your child with the best care.

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