Delaying a C-Section

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When doctors and other medical personnel have reason to believe that a
fetus during labor or delivery may be harmed by allowing a vaginal birth
to proceed, a cesarean section must be considered as an option.

Schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced
birth injury lawyer at The Lancione Law Firm in Cleveland, Ohio, if a delayed C-section
has resulted in injury to your child. Every woman, baby, and childbirth
is unique. Sometimes, nurses and obstetricians cannot figure out what
is going wrong, or how to stop fetal distress. Cesarean section birth
is often the fastest and safest way to make a healthy delivery likely
in the face of childbirth complications.

There Is No Excuse For Ignoring Signs of Fetal Distress

Sometimes, obstetricians decide against C-section for reasons such as inconvenience
or insurance payment policies, even when there are obvious signs of fetal distress.

The experienced attorneys of The Lancione Law Firm represent babies and
their families when poor medical decisions results in lifelong consequences
of cerebral palsy or other birth defects. In worst-case scenarios, stillbirth
may result when a C-section is delayed; this may be a cause for a wrongful
death claim or lawsuit.

You Can Trust Our Accomplished Birth Injury Attorneys

Well-known and nationally respected Ohio birth injury lawyers John G. and
John A. Lancione have more than 60 years of combined experience as advocates
of the injured. Birth injury attorneys nationwide recognize their accomplishments
and respect them as leaders in the field of birth injury law.

Follow this link to read examples of successful verdicts our law firm has
achieved on behalf of children who have suffered birth injuries.
Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation regarding legal options when
a delayed C-section has resulted in injury or disability that has disrupted
the usually joyous time of your baby’s birth.


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