Fetal Monitoring During Labor

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Electronic fetal monitoring during labor is an essential tool to assess
the baby’s health. An external electronic fetal monitor stretched
over the belly of the woman in labor, or an internal device attached to
the skull of the fetus in utero through the cervix, provides valuable
data that doctors and nurses can use to monitor and keep an eye out for
any fetal distress during labor and delivery.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced Ohio fetal monitor birth
injury lawyer after a baby has suffered injury during the birthing process,
contact The Lancione Law Firm.

Your Injured Baby Deserves a Full Accounting of the Fetal Monitor Data

Part of any in-depth investigation into the circumstances of a birth gone
wrong is a thorough evaluation of the electronic fetal monitor data strips
which tell the story of the baby’s health throughout labor and delivery.
A child who suffers from cerebral palsy or any other birth injury as a
result of negligence on the part of health care providers responsible
for reading the fetal monitor strips during labor deserves no less than
a complete investigation into what went wrong during the monitoring and
delivery process.

Let Us Put Our Experience and Knowledge to Work for You

With more than 60 years’ combined experience representing injured
people, including child victims of birth injury, The Lancione Law Firm
is well-qualified and well-prepared to evaluate childbirth outcomes and
advocate on behalf of affected babies.

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your options following a serious injury or loss of life caused by medical
negligence. The Lancione Law Firm is proud to serve clients in Cleveland,
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