Fetal Distress During Labor

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It is the responsibility of the medical professionals to monitor and evaluate
the well-being of a baby during labor and delivery. If the fetus is in
distress, a timely C-section is usually expected to be performed. Obstetrical
nurses, technicians, and obstetricians should know how to determine what
is causing fetal distress during childbirth and respond promptly and appropriately
to ensure the child’s well-being.

If you suspect that a medical provider’s failure to diagnose and
treat fetal distress has sadly resulted in stillbirth or brain damage
to your newborn, call 440-571-6862 or email The Lancione Law Firm,
to schedule your free initial consultation with the top Ohio birth injury lawyer.

We Can Determine What Caused Your Baby to Suffer Fetal Distress

Fetal distress can be caused by many different problems during labor such
as a prolapsed umbilical cord, an umbilical cord wrapped around the neck
or trapped between the cervix and the head of the fetus, or the baby being
in a breech position. These may all result in hypoxia and accompanying
changes in the baby’s heart rate. Sometimes, even the use of Pitocin,
a powerful drug used to induce or accelerate labor, can result in uterine
hyperstimulation and fetal distress. If these steps do not relieve the
fetal distress, a physician should deliver the baby in the most expeditious
way possible, which is typically by emergency C-section. Prolonged fetal
distress significantly increases the likelihood of birth injury to the baby.

We Are Here To Help You

Call The Lancione Law Firm at 440-571-6862 to schedule your free initial
consultation regarding legal options you have when the failure to diagnose
fetal distress has resulted in a birth injury, disabilities, or even the
wrongful death of your child. You may also contact us online by
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