A Preemie Parents View

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Birth Injury, Firm News |


Parents never forget their first moment of holding their baby. It’s
a moment you never forget. A moment engraved in your heart and ingrained
in your memories forever. However, when you’re a preemie parent,
this moment takes on a whole new meaning. The constant worry of something
going terribly wrong from the moment of your child’s birth rips
apart that perfect idea of what you thought being a new parent would be.
The constant alarms humming, and beeping keeps you on a high alert day
in and day out. Wires and tubes coming from something so tiny and fragile
is heart-wrenching, to say the least. So when that moment comes to holding
your baby for the first time, it’s a feeling like no other. A baby
that by all odds, shouldn’t be alive is alive and in your arms;
A moment that can only be described as perfect in a not so perfect kind of way.


If you or a loved one has been injured at birth, you may be entitled to
medical malpractice compensation. To see if you have a case please call
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