Forceps and Vacuum Extraction Devices

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Forceps and vacuum extraction devices are useful and necessary instruments
that can help doctors deliver babies who are stuck in the birth canal
due to being oversized, in a breech position, or in other labor and delivery

Misuse of forceps (forceps delivery malpractice) or improper utilization
of vacuum extraction devices, however, may result in
birth injuries including shoulder dystocia,
Erb’s palsy, brain damage, transection spinal cord damage, or cerebral palsy. The
law office of the Lancione Law Firm would like to talk to you if you believe
your loved one resulted in a birth injury due to misuse of forceps.

We want to discuss possible misuse of forceps which caused trauma such
as a skull crush or a subdural hematoma. A baby suffering the consequences
of these or other types of birth trauma may face a lifetime suffering
the effects of their disability and may need personal care attendants,
physical and mental therapy, and special accommodations.

Qualified maternity health care professionals are responsible for guarding
the well-being of babies when mothers give birth under their care. Proper
care of mothers and babies during labor and delivery means following accepted
standards of care-not going against such expectations. When doctors delivering
babies do not meet the accepted standards of care, and a baby is injured
as a result, concerned parents should discuss the possibility of forceps
delivery malpractice with a knowledgeable law firm.

You Can Trust Us. We Have Years Of Experience Representing Families Like Yours.

The Lancione Law Firm, is a well-established Ohio birth injury law firm
with years of experience representing babies and their families after
birth trauma from misuse of forceps resulted in cerebral palsy, Erb’s
palsy, stillbirth or other trauma.

Contact the top forceps delivery malpractice attorneys in the area today
to schedule your free initial consultation regarding legal options when
birth trauma results in disabilities such as cerebral palsy.

Our Promise To You: Honest Answers, Excellent Representation

At the Cleveland medical malpractice and birth injury law firm of The Lancione
Law Firm, we have over three generations of attorneys who have worked
to improve the quality of health care in Ohio by holding negligent physicians
and hospitals to account for the harm they cause. We have a wealth of
experience and a record of success in obtaining substantial verdicts and
settlements for victims of medical malpractice such as misuse of forceps
(forceps delivery malpractice) or improper utilization of vacuum extraction devices.

We invite you to call our office at 440-571-6862 or
contact us online to schedule an appointment with a leading medical malpractice lawyer who
can answer your questions and offer you sound legal guidance regarding
your options following a serious injury or loss of life caused by medical
negligence. The Lancione Law Firm is proud to serve clients in Cleveland,
Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron and other communities throughout Ohio.



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